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Done Simply is Here to Help You Organize Your Home

Done Simply strives to bring purpose and peace to your living environment. We provide you with a one-on-one connection to enhance your home with a clear vision tailored for you and your lifestyle. Organizing each space so that you can easily find what you need and want.

Modern Kitchen in Workspace
Well Organized Closet

Kitchen Organization 

Kitchen, Pantry, Fridge & Freezer, Laundry...

Experience Order in Your Home

Bedroom, Bathroom, Closet, Nursery, Children's Room, Playroom...

Know Clarity With Everything In Its Place

Office, Living Room, Basement, Mud Room, and More...


Heather Moore, Done Simply's founder, will unclutter your world  - channeling a lifetime of organizational experience. Her easy going demeanor and vision will make working together a creative pleasure.  The outcome will bring a sense of well being as everything has a place and purpose...Done Simply. 

My basement was a catchall that I avoided for a very long time. I had no idea what was there anymore… Done Simply came in and created a whole new environment with all my things displayed and clearly labeled. At last everything is easy to find & I can enjoy my basement once again. Thank you Done Simply! 

Randi Lehrman

Heather Moore is an amazing organizer.  She helped me after my husband passed to organize all my husbands office papers and architectural drawings.  It was a monumental task and Heather handled it with ease.  She was able to find all sorts of storage bins that worked perfectly.  She made a difficult task look easy. I highly recommend Heather. She is a terrific person and a great talent!

Liz Milwe

Thank you Done Simply for creating order out of the chaos in my closets. I now know what I own and where to find each piece. You were a magician in my pantry. Everything is clearly labeled and in a place that makes sense. Putting away groceries and finding items for recipes has never been easier.  You have really changed the way I live in my little house.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Bobbi Essagof

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